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Once Upon a Time There Was ‘BOD’…

BOD For Men – It keeps the ladies far away!

Ishpeming, Michigan  – January 27th, 2020 – The year was 1999. I was doing everything I could to impress the ladies as I was entering Ishpeming High School. I was a freshmen, in all my glory.

You see, in 1999 there was such a thing as BOD Cologne for men. I would actually wear this stuff to try and impress the ladies. It didn’t work. This BOD Cologne had the scent of stale BUG SPRAY. Maybe I was repelling the ladies instead of keeping them closer to me?

I found this gem when I was going through my cabinets this past weekend. It’s now 21 years old! It never lost it’s scent. I was almost going to wear it to work today. But, I don’t wanna keep my co-workers too far from me… You’re welcome.

BOD – Fresh Blue Musk. Keep your hands to yourself!

-Eric Scott


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