My Hot Water Heater and Boiler both needed a thorough cleaning. I learned it all by watching Youtube videos.

Ishpeming, MichiganApril 2nd, 2020 – Despite still having to physically work from the 103-FXD studio, I’ve had more time to get projects done at home. Work and home are the ONLY two places I’ve been spending my time… and my car to get there! I certainly hope YOU are spending ALL your time at home. Unless your job is essential, please stay at home. Going outside and getting fresh air is also a great idea. These warmer temperatures should help lift our spirits during this difficult time. Just remember to practice social distancing.

During these chaotic times, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my basement. Between cleaning out my boiler, cleaning out my hot water heater, and just organizing my basement in general. As I’ve mentioned on my morning show, I’ve had issues with my basement flooding with the warmer temperatures. Luckily, it’s just minor flooding. Nothing major. I’ve had to deal with it every year since I moved in. It seems pretty common in my neighborhood.

I get on the air everyday to keep you informed. During a time of crisis, radio is your best friend. Heck, radio should always be your best friend! :-) Just remember, there’s always positives in life even when the negatives seem very overwhelming. Stay safe!

-Eric Scott

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