What’s your favorite Youtube channel?

Ishpeming, MichiganApril 27th, 2020 – Let’s face it, we’re all spending A LOT more time at home these days. You’re trying to find ways to kill time, just like the rest of us. A majority of us are either watching shows on Netflix, or binge watching Youtube channels. Personally, I’ve been finding myself glued to Youtube when I’m watching TV. You have to admit, it’s extremely addictive!

Here’s a list of many Youtube channels I find myself binging on at night and during the weekend. I’ve subscribed to most of them…

1.) The Proper People – It’s an urban exploration channel. Two guys travel all over the world to explore abandoned structures/buildings. VERY cool!

2.) Chandler’s Wildlife – This channel focuses on a Wildlife post in Florida. From snakes to alligators, you’ll see it all. This guy literally handles all these animals. It’ll put you on the edge of your seat!

3.) Scotty Kilmer – Everything and anything you need to know about fixing your vehicle. I’ve learned TONS from this guy!

4.) Matt’s Off Road Recovery – Based in Utah. This guy travels all across the state to pull vehicles out of the oddest places when they get stuck. It’s very addicting.

5.) Nomadic Fanatic – If you’re into RVing, you’re going to enjoy this channel. This guy lives full-time in his Class A Motorhome to travel the country in. You’ll see places you’ve never seen before.

6.) NJ Slot Guy – If you like to watch people gamble their money away, this is the channel for you. I’m not much into gambling, but I love to watch this guy travel to different casinos to see how many jackpots he can hit!

7.) Old Nerd Reviews – If you question a new item at a fast food restaurant, chances are this guy has tried it out. He has a ‘Nerd-O-Meter’ where he rates all items that fast food restaurants put out. I actually enjoy the comedy more than anything.

8.) Meet Kevin – Gives you financial advice while talking about the economy, the latest news, the COVID-19 pandemic. You can really learn a lot from him without all the BS!

9.) Camo Dave – He reviews and recaps all kinds of Youtube channels, including several of the above. He gives his own perspective while maintaining quite a sense of humor!

10.) KBDProductionsTV – Another food reviewer. This guy travels EVERYWHERE around the world to try different kinds of foods. It’s what he does for a living, so he doesn’t mess around.

11.) The King of Random – Ever wonder what happens when you stick an entire watermelon in a microwave for half an hour? Yep, these guys do that!

12.) Ace’s Adventures – This guy travels the world to explore abandoned malls. I was waiting for him to come to Marquette to explore the Marquette Mall before it was demolished!

13.) Bright Sun Films – Another urban exploration channel. There’s a lot of commentary on this channel as opposed to what The Proper People have to offer. I still enjoy it very much.

These are just SOME of the channels I watch more than others. There’s still plenty more, but these are extremely entertaining. In no way am I ranking these on a scale from favorite to least favorite. It’s all random. Most of these are family friendly. So tonight, scoop up some ice cream and enjoy any of the channels above!

-Eric Scott

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