I look like I’m about ready to rob a bank.

Marquette, MichiganMay 4th, 2020 – I guess you could say it’s an experience?! What else could you call it? Dangerous? Risky? Maybe all of the above? It’s actually more of a production to run to the grocery store. You have to prep up, put on your mask, get out the hand sanitizer, avoid any close contact with anyone, and get out. That’s the way I feel these days.

Besides coming to the radio station each day, I only run to the grocery stores here in Marquette. I haven’t been close to my family in almost two months. I keep telling them it’s for the best. They all know that. I guess we just continue to do what we do until we’re told not to do what we’re doing!

Maybe I’m overdoing it?

-Eric Scott

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