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Team Awesome – Local Artist Show – 05/18/2011


Marquette Local Musicians
Heather Evans and Gretchen McKenzie

Marquette, MI – Northern Michigan local musicians Heather Evans and Gretchen McKenzie of Team Awesome rocked Great Lakes Radio studios with an outstanding set featuring covers of the Beatles, the Racomteaurs, Jack White and a great original song by Gretchen.

Heather, 15, and Gretchen, 16 have known each other since 6th grade orchestra. Heather has been playing guitar for 2 years and Gretchen has been playing the stand-up bass for 5. Listening to the show would make you assume they had been playing for about 15 years, and unless they make instruments for babies, that’s just not possible.

If you missed this amazing performance, you can catch Team Awesome on the Local Artist Show rebroadcast on FM 103.3 WFXD Sunday, May 22nd at 7pm. You may also play the recording at any time from the Audio Archive, which is featured below.

Thanks again from the Local Artist Show to Team Awesome and all of the listeners on 103.3 The Country Extreme!

Listen to the archive HERE


  1. Your music is amazing gretchen and heather just remember who your favorite cousin is when you become rich and famous!! 😀

  2. great job guys and heather remember olivia is your favorite friends cousin not ian hes my bro.


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