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Strange Looking Golfer

Everyone loves golf, even deer!

Marquette, MIMay 29, 2020 – If you have spent time on social media during the Covid-19 pandemic social distancing period, I am certain you have seen memes about wild animals venturing into mainly human-occupied territoty with the caption most likely being something along the lines of “the Earth is healing.”

It’s a fun thing to see a Moose in a downtown area, or in this case – a deer on a golf course.

Recently I was golfing on the Heritage course at Marquette Golf Club and as I was walking off the green on hole 3, I looked over and saw this beauty sniffing a tree. It was interesting to watch as it apperently did not mind us one bit and didn’t seem standoffish or startled at all.

It really ws a cool moment and came at the right time during a period that has otherwise been rather dark.


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