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Summer Fun

Fire up the backyard grill and have normal moments in an uncommon summer

Marquette, MIJuly 21, 2020 – Life kind of sucks right now. But that doesn’t mean every day and every moment has to be doom or gloom. I have learned to try and make the most out of a bad situation, and it has led to some good times.

Last week since some family, like my brother and sister, were visiting the U.P. I had my immediate family over to me and my girlfriend’s new house. We sat outside, social distanced, and wore masks when giving a tour of the new place.

I fired up the Oklahoma Joe offset smoker and reverse seared T-Bones, Strips, and Filets. We had good conversation, laughs, and it was just a really good time that gave us a sense of normalcy.

We have to be cautious and persistent to fight the pandemic. Life is not normal. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have normal moments. Life is short. Take the steps to preserve it as much as possible, but continue to live it the best you can.


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