Cue up some Toby Keith “I should’ve been a cowboy!”

Marquette, MIAugust 17, 2020 – Life is all about new experiences, even when you have no interest in those experiences.

Yesterday, on the way back to Michigan from Wisconsin with my girlfriend and her parents, we made a pit stop in Eagle River, WI. There is a little place right next to Northland Pines High School that is host to horses and goats. You can stop and see and pet the horses, or feed the goats for no charge.

You can also pay to trail ride on a horse. I initially objected but as is with most protests with my girlfriend, I lost and ended up getting on a horse.

His name was Thor, and he wasn’t the biggest of the bunch, but don’t let that fool you about his size. Previously, the closest I had ever gotten to a horse, or riding one for that matter, was Red Dead Redemption 2. I was astounded at how big these animals are.

I got on the horse, grabbed the knob on the saddle, and the moment it started moving I wanted to send out an SOS. They taught me the reigns control, how to turn him left or right, and how to get him to slow up or stop. But there is a fine line between being told how to do something, and being able to execute said thing.

As we got going, I got more and more comfortable on Thor. In fact, I think we may have even bonded a little bit. There was one dicey moment where as we came to a fairly steep hill, the horses would stop and “get rid of some weight.” The dicey moment came from there being a bit of a gap in the otherwise tight horse line, where my horse decided he wanted to catch up. He went from rest to full gallop up the hill, and I was far from ready for that.

But he never bucked me off, and toward the end I almost wanted to keep going. I learned that horses are very majestic creatures, and I have a new appreciation of them.

I also learned that even when you don’t want to try that new experience, go for it, you might like it.

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