My makeshift pit out at camp. Great place to spend a Labor Day weekend

Marquette, MISeptember 8, 2020 – I tend to associate certain holidays with certain activities. I associate Christmas with making cinnamon rolls and then having Christmas Bloody Mary’s at a family friends. I associate Thanksgiving with watching football. And I associate Memorial Day and Labor Day with barbecue.

On Memorial Day, I smoked a brisket on my Weber Kettle grill. But for Labor Day, I decided to go big.

I brought my Oklahoma Joe offset smoker out to camp for the labor day weekend, along with some maple logs and hickory sticks. I smoked up an 11-pound turkey, a leg of lamb, and pigs feet. It was an all-day extravaganza, and it wasn’t easy to maintain temperatures because of the wind. But wow did it all turn out good.

And any day spent at a makeshift pit, is a good day in my book.

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