It barely fit on the pan

It barely fit on the pan

Marquette, MI – Dinner is served!

My Father-in-law Dave caught a big ole Brookie and brought it over for dinner last night.  Wow what a treat – Thanks Dad!  As you’d expect, his fishing hole is in a top secret UN-disclosed location.  I can give you a hint though… it’s in the U.P. and you need a boat ;-)

He was also busy collecting morel mushrooms this week.  This was a first for me and they were delicious, if anyone has some that you need taken off of your hands…  I tried them raw and then cooked in butter with onions, Oh Yeah!

My wife also cooked up some Kale and Asparagus which rounded out the dinner to be one for the record books.

You’ll notice in the before and after pictures that we didn’t waste much of the fish.  Leave me a comment with you favorite brook trout recipe and I’ll share what my wife did.  It was delicious.  I can’t wait to go with Dave on his next trip and catch a brook trout of my own.

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