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Tiger Woods Drops Out


Marquette, Michigan October 11, 2016 – I was fortunate enough to grow up watching Tiger Woods in his prime play the game of golf.  In my lifetime, I have never seen one athlete dominate his or her competition the way Tiger Woods did.  He was not only simply better at golf than the rest of the PGA Tour, but he was mentally tougher and extremely intimidating.  Watching Tiger rattle off win after win was a summer tradition of mine that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Photo Courtesy: Markus Spiske
Photo Courtesy: Markus Spiske

That’s why when Tiger announced his return to the game of golf when he committed to the Safeway Open in California this week I was so excited.  I know the Tiger of old will never return, but I think the game of golf is better when he plays in tournaments.

Unfortunately, days after committing to the tournament, Tiger announced he will not be playing.  He claimed he is just not comfortable enough with his overall play.  This was a disappointing revelation that Tiger is far past his prime, and holding out hope for Tiger to be competitive again may just be a pipe-dream.