The return of baseball is here…and I had no idea

Marquette, MIMarch 27, 2019 – There is a lot going on this month to keep us occupied. The feel of spring is in the air, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, and apparently, MLB’s Opening Day.

If I had not checked earlier this week when the Detroit Tiger’s first game of the regular season was, I would have had no idea the MLB season starts this week. I have seen almost no promotion anywhere about the start of the year.

This is coming on the heels of the largest pro sports contract ever given out to the MLB’s top player, Mike Trout, who is a guy you would walk past in the street and have no idea who he is.

The MLB has a serious marketing problem. There is a lot of very good, young talent in this league. The MLB should be hyping up the start of the season, but instead they are monitoring social media to make sure people don’t post home run videos from their games.

The MLB is the worst marketed sport I have ever seen, and could probably use some new leadership to bring them into the 21st Century.

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