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Hosting Father’s Day

Got some good use out of my new smoker this weekend

Marquette, MIJune 17, 2019 – It was quite the Father’s Day weekend. On Saturday my girlfriend in I really adulted. We went to the farmer’s market, and then took a trip to Lowe’s. She got some plants, and I got a grill/smoker.

We had to put together the grill/smoker immediately when we got home because we had plans to host Father’s Day dinner!

Both of our parents came for dinner yesterday. I threw on a pork shoulder earlier in the day, but due to time constraints had to finish in the over. But nonetheless, it turned out great! It was a great time and I can’t wait to host more dinner parties as an excuse to smoke more meat.

The skillet cornbread is a must


The pork shoulder was a hit!


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