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College Football “Megacasted”

My National Championship “Megascast” setup

Marquette, MIJanuary 15, 2020 – I may have given some glimpses into my life and interests on either my blog here or over the air. But if you are unfamiliar, I am a football nut, straight to the bone. It is my favorite sport and I go into a bit of a sadness when it’s all over.

The ESPN “Megacast” for the college football national championship was built for someone like me. I took full advantage on Monday night. On my top and best TV, I had the regular game broadcast. I admit that I love Chris Fowler and Herbie. On my bottom TV I went with the “field pass” because Dan Orlovsky gives great insight and Pat McAfee is incredibly hilarious and his energy is contagious. Then on my laptop, I went with the “coaches room.”

Since I was streaming on my laptop, it was always 1 to 2 plays behind. This worked out perfectly, because when a big play or big moment happened, I would mute the regular broadcast and turn the volume up on the laptop so coaches like Mike Gundy and Gary Patterson could break down the play for me in incredible detail.

The game was long, but I enjoyed and soaked up every minute of it. Until next year, my dear friend.


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