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A Journey: Part 2

Down from where I started!

Marquette, MIJanuary 17, 2020DISCLAIMER: The author is not a professional in the health & wellness industry. For advice on diets & workouts, please contact a professional

On to week #2 in my fat loss journey! This has been a much better week for me since I went and got my back worked on at the Chiropractor and I was able to get into the gym this week! I have been feeling good, watching what I eat but still eating some of my favorite foods. I love flexible dieting.

As I stood on the scale today, I weighed in at 181.6. This is the same as last week’s Friday weigh in, but the good news is that the fluctuation from last week is dying down and I am staying steady. I am not worried about staying around the same weight this week quite yet, but if it continues I will know it is my maintenance weight and will have to lower my caloric intake.

I have been good on my eating this week. I am averaging 190P/192C/48F per day which equals out to about 1,966 calories a day. I would expect my numbers on the scale to start dropping, but never let that be the only way to measure. I am also taking progress pictures every Tuesday morning and I will now be measuring various areas of my body with body measuring tape to keep track of mass loss.

Being back in the gym felt great this week. I was not able to deadlift unfortunately because I am still letting my lower back heal, but I squatted and front-squatted this week with some lighter weight to get back into the swing of things, which felt great.

An example of one of my workouts – this was Monday’s!

My energy is up, my motivation about many things in life are stronger, all in all I am feeling great and excited for the progress to keep coming. I will check back in next week!


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