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A Midnight Scare

Emilio gave me a bit of a scare the other night

Marquette, MIFebruary 19, 2020 – As you may know, me and my girlfriend adopted a cat back in July. Ever since, he has become a very valued member of our family.

Usually at night we put him “in his room” when we go to bed. It’s the spare bedroom that has his litter box, food and water dish, and a few of his toys. We do this because he can be quite the rascal in the middle of the night while we are trying to sleep.

Friday night, I didn’t end up putting him in his room. Just didn’t feel like getting out of bed to do it. I didn’t think much of it, so in the middle of the night, I got up to go to the bathroom. I could see ok from the the light from our Aerogarden into the bathroom adjacent to the kitchen, so there was no need for me to turn on the bathroom light.

However I received quit the scare when I look over and just see two yellow eyes glaring at me. Since Emilio is a black cat, I couldn’t see his body.

Middle of the night, two beady eyes and nothing else looking at you…it gets the adrenaline pumping a little. I’m glad he found a cozy bed though…


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