Mila snapped the wire leash and took some of it with her

Marquette, MIMarch 13, 2020 – This Friday morning did not start the way I had hoped or planned.

My girlfriend is up about 2 hours before me every morning to get ready for her workday that starts much earlier than mine. So every morning she lets our dog outside by putting her on the leash, and our dog will be outside until I put her back inside before I head to work.

This morning was a bit different. I went outside to let Mila (our dog) inside, and she was nowhere to be found. I initially thought maybe my girlfriend had taken her to her parents to spend the day with their dog, but I soon saw the wire leash that did not have the hook attached to it.

Upon further investigation, the leash looked like it had been snapped, so I immediate went searching. After walking, calling, and whistling up and down blocks of Marquette for about 40 minutes, I circled back around to find her sniffing about on a sidewalk a little bit down from our place.

I was able to get her to our door and inside, so it all worked out. But what a way to start a Friday!

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