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More Time For Hobbies

There is a small silver lining to the social distancing…more time for me to cook!

Marquette, MIMarch 20, 2020 – The social distancing is ramping up. If you have listened this week you know I have been doing my shows since Tuesday from home. I am loving the new setup i got yesterday, and it was nice to hear that it is sounding good.

I do miss going into work and interacting with everyone there, like Mark and Walt whom I love to bug in the morning. But there is a bright side to almost every situation.

I found one yesterday during this social distancing phase. As you may know I love to cook, particularly smoking meats. I talked about the chuck roast I had going a little on yesterday’s show, and it turned out amazing.

Sometimes referred to as “brisket’s little cousin” the chuck roast smoked for about 5 hours on the Weber kettle with briquetes and pecan wood. It was tender, juicy, and had that smoky flavor I love. I turned it into some barbeque sandiches with baked beans and couldn’t reccomend it more.

So in this time of unnormalcy, find the bright side.


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