We will continue to support local business!

Marquette, MI – March 23, 2020 – It is weird times that we live in. Something that once seemed normal, now seems so distant. But we will persevere.

Last week, with so much uncertainty surrounding every aspect of life, my girlfriend and I decided to do something once or twice every week. We decided we would order takeout from different restaurants around the area, because they are businesses that will be effected greatly by the pandemic, but yet can still be helped by everyone.

So on Friday night we got a couple of wraps and wings from the 906 Sports Bar (the new shrimp wrap is amazing). And then on Sunday we went and picked up some Thai House.

Just remember, if you have a favorite place to eat, please remember to continue to support them. Because if you don’t, they may not be there when this is all over. We are all in this together!

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