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20 million Bees Escape from Semi-Truck in Utah


Utah -October 23, 2011 – A highway in the state of Utah was temporarily closed after a semi-truck carrying at least 20 million bees overturned.  All of the bees escaped. The bees were being transported to California to be used for pollination of an almond crop next spring.

Local beekeepers worked through the night to recapture the bees, causing Interstate 15 in Utah to be closed down for several hours.

Authorities closed the southbound lanes of the highway, near the Arizona border on Sunday night.  Early Monday morning the interstate was reopened.  Drivers in this area were warned that they should keep with their windows closed.

This was the last of 160 truckloads of bees being sent down south from Adee Honey Farms in South Dakota.

By Monday most of the inhabitants of the 460 hives were gone or dead.  This accident was a complete loss for Richard Adee, owner of Adee Honey Farms.  The truckload was worth about $116,000.

The driver, Louis Holst, and his wife Tammie were pulled out from the overturned trailer by first responders.  Immediately they were swarmed by the escaped bees on the highway.  They both suffered minor injuries and about a dozen bee stings. Two police officers were stung also.


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