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Forest Roberts Haunted Theater at NMU


Marquette, MI -The 3rd Annual Haunted Theater is presented by the First Nighter’s Club of Northern Michigan University.  I went to the haunted show last night and it is staged like a house-style adventure with theatrically frightening scenes.  The haunted theater is held at the Forest Roberts Theater on the campus of NMU.

I was quite frightened throughout the entire walk through the theater.  I do not want to give away the different scenes, but they are recognizable and very frightening.
The adult version (PG-13) is 8-11 p.m., Thursday through Saturday, Oct. 27-29.
The family-friendly version is 4-6:30 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 29.
Admission is $5 kids/students, $10 adults and $15 per family during the family-friendly show. We also have shopping show certificates available for this event. They can be purchased by Friday at 5pm at www.upbargains.com

Here are a few pictures from before the bone chilling crawl through the Forest Roberts Theater.


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