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Spotlight Artist of the Day – Toby Keith


Toby Keith Confesses He’d Forgotten Most of the Songs on Clancy’s Tavern

CLICK HERE to listen to Toby talk about his Songwriting Process



Even though fans are just now hearing Toby Keith’s new CD in its entirety, the country superstar says writing the songs for Clancy’s Tavern was actually a year-long process. Toby explains that he still writes all the time, at home and on the road, often with the help of frequent co-writers like Bobby Pinson and Scotty Emerick.  But by the time he’s ready to actually record the album, Toby says, he’s forgotten most of the songs.  However, he claims that actually works in his favor. Clancy’s Tavern features Toby’s hit “Made in America” and the Internet sensation “Red Solo Cup.”


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