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MDOT makes it easier to get Road and Traffic Information on your Smartphone


Before getting behind the wheel, it is now easier to get road and traffic information with iPhones, Droids and iPads. The Michigan Department of Transportation has made adjustments to their website to make small screen viewing easier while trying to gather information.

Interactive MDOT Map on your Smartphone

Motorists now have the ability to:

• Scroll and zoom the interactive map without reloading map images

• Click on traffic incident and construction icons to gather more information

• View real-time cameras to see what’s happening on major routes

• View changeable message signs in Metro Detroit and Grand Rapids

• Zoom in to any area of the map using your current location or with selected cities or zip codes

• Locate MDOT carpool lots around the state

Mi Drive mobile version is not an app and it is a free site that any web-enabled mobile device can access from this website. Depending on the type of device you are using, the site will automatically direct you to the appropriate version.


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