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Spotlight Artist of the Day – Miranda Lambert


Miranda Lambert Breaks New Artistic Ground on Four the Record

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Miranda Lambert breaks new artistic ground on her new album, Four the Record, in the very first two songs on the project.  In the opening song, “All Kinds of Kinds,” Miranda sings about circus freaks, a pill-popping pharmacist and a cross-dressing congressman.  On track two, “Fine Tune,” Miranda delivers the sexy lyrics with a distorted effect on her voice.  It’s all an effort to keep both Miranda and her fans interested.

“I feel like it breaks up the monotony a little bit to be different, and write about different things,” Miranda says.  “I need it just as much as everybody else.  I am constantly lookin’ for new music and finding old music I didn’t know about because I want somethin’ fresh.”

Miranda admits her musical style can be all over the map. Miranda also feels she’s grown as a vocalist on this album thanks to encouragement from her husband, fellow country star Blake Shelton.  “He really encouraged me to open up and just sing,” Miranda says, “and I’ve done that.”

Miranda is the reigning CMA Female Vocalist of the Year, and she’s up for that honor again at the 45th Annual CMA Awards.  They air live from Nashville Wednesday, November 9 at 8 p.m. ET.


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