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Keith Urban Surgery Planned on Vocal Cords


Keith Urban’s throat will be undergoing minor outpatient surgery this month according to a recent public statement. Urban will still perform during the CMA Awards on November 9th. The Grand Ole Opry performances Urban had planned for this month have been canceled. Other multi-song performances have been postponed but Keith will maintain his one-song performances like the one for the CMA Awards.

Keith Urban Country Music Surgery Vocal Cords
Keith Urban, photo courtesy of keithurban.com
Keith Urban is nominated for entertainer of the year and has been a staple in the country music industry for quite a few years. Known for his outstanding concerts, great voice and attractive appearance, the news of Urban’s vocal cord surgery likely has some fans worried. However, the surgery has been deemed “minor” and rest will be required, but Urban should be back to his highly entertaining ways in no time.


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