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Native American Food Taster – Jacobetti Center


Marquette, MI11/04/2011 – A good crowd showed up once again for the First Nation food tasting gathering. Moose, venison, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and all sorts of vegetables common to native culture were served to the community. The ever-so-popular fry bread was also available, even as a delicious desert item.

Food Taster Marquette Native American First Nation
Volunteers enjoy sharing the tasty food.
Cooks and volunteers worked hard once again to serve up a delicious meal and event that provides a rich atmosphere with tasty food. Atmospheric, live music and speeches were given as the crowd formed lines, gathered the food and consumed the variety of dishes.

For the author, two years in a row at the Food Taster event have provided delectable memories. Be sure to follow the Center for Native American Studies at NMU for future food tasters and other native events.


Native American Food Dishes Marquette First Nation
Fry bread compliments a variety of delicious meat and veggies.

People First Nation Native American Food Taster
That's just one of the lines.


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