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Spotlight Artist of the Day – Dierks Bentley


Dierks Bentley’s Live Show Gets Big Boost from Latest Hit, “Am I the Only One”

CLICK HERE to hear Dierks talk about his latest hit single

Dierks Bentley had a party at the Nashville honky tonk Loser’s  to celebrate his latest #1 hit “Am I the Only One.” The song has given his live show a big boost, and some fans have even taken to crowd surfing during that part of the show. Dierks says, “Put a picture up on Twitter of a girl actually upside down. Like, her boots were up in the air.” The rest of the girl’s body was buried somewhere in the crowd of people during “Am I the Only One.”



Dierks and his co-writers Jim Beavers and Jon Randall actually wrote several verses to “Am I the Only One,” but only two made the version on the radio. “In the live show, I’ve been introducing some of the other verses that didn’t make it,” Dierks says. He adds that “Am I the Only One” is a great introduction to his next album, which will also feature his more reflective new single “Home.” Dierks expects the new project to be out in February 2012.


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