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Spotlight Artist of the Day – The Band Perry


The Band Perry Writing for Sophomore Album; Rocker Steve Perry Addresses Rumor He’s Their Dad

CLICK HERE to hear The Band Perry talk about working on their Next Album

The Band Perry will begin recording their sophomore album in the coming months, but they only have six songs they’re hopeful will make the cut for the project at this point. Band member Reid Perry says, “We record in March, and we’d like to have 30. So, it’s a tall order.” His sister and band mate Kimberly Perry adds, “We have a lot written, but we’re excited to hole up over the holidays and just be still for a second and regroup and just dream up the next phase.”

The Perry siblings plan to spend time with their family this Thanksgiving and Christmas, including their dad Steve Perry. It’s a running joke with The Band Perry that people mistake their dad for Steve Perry, the former frontman of the rock group Journey. Rock star Steve Perry recently revealed to ABC News Radio that he hasn’t been asked if he’s related to The Band Perry. “I mean, I’ve heard that name, but I’ve never been asked that before, no,” Steve says with a laugh. “But it’s interesting.”


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