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Marquette Baking Company: Pumpkin Pie to Die for


The Shopping Show live on Wednesday mornings is like a roller coaster ride through all the delicious treats available on the Shopping Show and upbargains.com. If you tune in from 9am to 11am I am sure you can just hear us melting away at the delicious treats brought in by Peter at Marquette Baking Company. Typically he will bring in our favorite, bread sticks. My mouth is just watering thinking about them. But yesterday we were spoiled. He brought in pumpkin pie.

I bet your mouth is watering. So tasty!

I don’t think Peter knew, but pumpkin pie is my absolute favorite… or so I thought. Now, the pumpkin pie from Marquette Baking Company is my favorite. It is to die for! A sugar cook crust with delicious pumpkin pie and then an entire layer about two inches thick of vanilla bean whip cream. Heaven in a pie dish.

That is why I love the shopping show. Two full hours of connecting with the community, giving you all tons of great deals… and getting lots of yummy treats!



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