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Spotlight Artist of the Day – Brad Paisley


Brad Paisley Reveals Why He Cringes at Magazine Pieces About His “Charmed Life”

CLICK HERE to hear Brad Paisley talk about  his “Charmed Life”

Brad Paisley seems to have it all with his huge country career, a beautiful wife and two sons.  Having this kind of life often leads to glossy profiles about Brad’s “charmed life” in magazine’s like Country Weekly and People, but Brad cringes every time he reads one of these pieces.

Brad is very clear that his success would not have come on talent alone without that hard work added to it.  “I talk about Batman a little bit, how I feel more like Batman than Superman.”  Brad explains that Superman was destined to be a superhero, saving the world,  “But Batman had to figure out ways to do it without super powers.  I feel more like that.”

Brad writes more about his journey to country music success in his new book, Diary of a Player, on stands now.



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