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The Grinch and Max try to Steal Christmas


Marquette, MI – We tried and we tried… but the Grinch and I could not steal Christmas from the Inaugural Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Marquette.

“Catch the Christmas Spirit with Marquette Township” on Tuesday night outside the Westwood Mall in Marquette began with the Grinch and me, his sidekick Max, trying to steal Christmas joy from area restaurants. Then the Grinch convinced me to make one last stop at Applebees in Marquette where he snatched up a yummy sampler platter for me to eat. Can’t say I was upset about that.

Then the Grinch and his mischievous ways wondered towards the tree lighting ceremony outside the Westwood Mall. I knew the local law enforcement would be looking for us, but being Max, I went along with him anyway. I must admit disrupting the Christmas spirit was fun. The Grinch is quite a trickster…and very much so a Grinch. After sneaking through the crowd and dodging our arrest, Officer Lovelace finally captured the Grinch and me both.

Arrested and taken away by Marquette County Sheriff Michael Lovelace, the Grinch and I were unsuccessful with stealing the Christmas spirit from Marquette County. The crowd cheered and waited the arrival and Santa Clause on a Fire Truck.

Santa Clause arrived and greeted families enjoying the township event and walked inside the mall with all the children and families for hot chocolate and cookies.

The Christmas Spirit is officially in the air in Marquette County. Be sure to check out the Christmas Tree outside the Westwood Mall in Marquette.

Happy Holidays!

The Evidence is below:


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