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Spotlight Artist of the Day – Eli Young Band


Eli Young Band’s Stubborn Streak Pays Off with Platinum Hit “Crazy Girl”

CLICK HERE to hear the Eli Young Band talk about Stubbornness and Success

The Eli Young Band is enjoying the biggest hit of their career right now with their newly-certified platinum hit, “Crazy Girl.” It’s included on their latest album, Life at Best. Though it took years of hard work to get to this point, the guys in the band never thought of breaking up. Eli Young Band’s Jon Jones says, “Once we really decided to do the band thing, there really hasn’t been any looking back, which is great.”

Jon’s band mate, James Young, echoes those thoughts: “I think that’s what got us so far is we were all so bull-headed to just keep pushing through it and trucking through it that quitting was really never an option or a thought.”


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