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Chris Young Is a Self-Professed Christmas Music Junkie

CLICK HERE to listen to Chris Young talk about His Favorite Time of Year

If you happen to drive up beside Chris Young in traffic this month, you can bet he’ll be blasting holiday hits from his car stereo. “I’m a Christmas music junkie, big time,” Chris admits. His two essential holiday albums seem like an odd pairing though — the first Alan Jackson Christmas album from the early ’90s and the Beach Boys‘ Christmas album. Says Chris, “That was the two CDs or two tapes that were like, ‘Oh, it’s Christmastime,’ ’cause that’s what my mom would play in the car, everywhere.” He adds, “I know both of those CDs front to back.”

Chris recorded his own version of “O Holy Night” for the new A Very Country Christmas collection, available only at Target. Ronnie Dunn, Brad Paisley and Sara Evans also contributed songs to that project.


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