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Spotlight Artist of the Day – Josh Thompson


Josh Thompson Just Says “No” to Christmas Music This Holiday Season

CLICK HERE to hear Josh Thompson Explain his Dislike for Christmas Music

Josh Thompson obviously loves music since he’s made a career out of making it, but you won’t find him blasting holiday songs out of his truck speakers this Christmas season. While he loves being with his family and giving gifts during the holidays, Josh isn’t ready to hear Christmas music until it’s actually time to celebrate on Christmas Day.

Part of Josh’s problem with Christmas music is that the same songs get repeated over and over again throughout the season.  He says with a laugh, “It’s ‘Jingle Bells’ by 47,000 different artists every other song.  It’s like, ‘I get it. OK, I get it.'”

Josh’s new single, “Comin’ Around,” is the first release from his sophomore album, due out in 2012.


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