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Spotlight Artist of the Day – The Band Perry


The Band Perry Look Back on a Notable, Strange Christmas Gift

CLICK HERE to hear The Band Perry Talk about a Very Memorable Christmas Gift

The Band Perry‘s sibling members Neil, Kimberly and Reid Perry spent the early part of their childhood living on a five-acre farm in Jackson, MS. One Christmas while they were there, Santa Claus brought them a horse and carriage, but the horse wasn’t exactly ready to pull them around in the carriage that first day. Neil tells ABC News Radio, “The horse is on its back with its four legs straight up in the air. It was colicky the first day that Santa brought the horse.” Kimberly adds, “Yeah, we couldn’t ride it for like a week. Poor thing.” Reid chimes in, “Yeah, I think dad ended up pulling us in the carriage for that day!”

The Band Perry will spend this Christmas in their current hometown of Greeneville, TN. “There’s an old inn there, and so, the three of us take our parents and grandmother on Christmas afternoon and we actually have a Christmas brunch,” Neil says.

The siblings will also be working on new material over the Christmas break getting ready to record their second album in 2012. Kimberly says, “We’re really looking forward to it.”


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