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Celebrities in the Position to do Some Good


Doing well sometimes means you are in a great position to do some good for others. Taylor Swift is doing just that and she has even landed herself a slot onto the dosomething.org website. She is on the Celebs Gone Good List.

Taylor Swift has had a monumental career, and an extremely successful year while making donations. She gave away one million dollars this year. Half of that money was given to the Nashville rebuilding efforts. Aside from donating a ton of money, she has performed in a number of benefit concerts and even auctioned off her tap water on behalf of UNICEF’s Tap Project campaign. How interesting and exciting is that!

Number one on the list is Lady Gaga! She campaigned year around for anti-bullying legislation and started her own organization titled the ‘Born This Way Foundation’. Her list of charity work is endless and involves other organizations such as AIDS/HIV, and MAC cosmetics with help to benefit the AIDS fund.


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