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What will Your New Year’s Resolution Be?

It is that time of year again. Time to starting thinking about what your 2012 New Year’s Resolution is going to be. Just like every other year, I am having a hard time deciding what to choose for my 2012 resolution. Should I volunteer more? Exercise more? Change my style? There are always so many options.
In my search to finally decide on the perfect New Year’s Resolution, I ran across usa.gov. They have complied a list of the top New Year’s Resolutions people decide between each year.
Here is the list I found:
Happy New Year's 2012!
• Drink less alcohol
• Eat healthy foods
• Get a better education
• Get a better job
• Get fit
• Lose weight
• Manage debt
• Manage stress
• Quit smoking
• Reduce, reuse, recycle
• Save money
• Take a trip
• Volunteer to help others
So what will you pick? What is your New Year’s Resolution going to be for 2012?
More information about popular picks for New Year’s Resolutions can be found here.


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