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Pioneer Surgical Announces Use of New Lab Technology


Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc of Raleigh, NC and Marquette, MI today announces the first clinical use of nanOss Bioactive 3D, a three-dimensionally shaped addition to its flagship biologic bone graft product line, nanOss Bioactive.  The new nanOss Bioactive 3D bone graft utilizes proprietary nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite as well as a collagen-based biopolymer to promote bone growth in the posterolateral spine.

Pioneer Surgical Announces: the first clinical use of nanOss Bioactive 3D

Regarding Pioneer’s latest product introduction, Mr. Shane Ray, General Manager – Biologics for Pioneer stated, “We are extremely excited to start the clinical phase of nanOss Bioactive 3D. Three-dimensional shapes are popular in spine surgery and with this addition, we now have one of the most extensive biologic portfolios on the market.”

Pioneer Surgical Biologics now offers a full line of synthetic bone grafts as well as human tissue products including machined lateral, traditional lumbar and cervical allograft, human demineralized bone matrix (DBM) bone grafts, as well as bone graft delivery accessories. For more information regarding Pioneer’s Biologics Product offerings, including nanOss Bioactive 3D, please visit the Pioneer Surgical website at www.pioneersurgical.com.

About Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc.
Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc. is a dynamic medical device firm founded in 1992. Pioneer’s focus on innovation has resulted in over 120 U.S. and foreign patents, with numerous patents pending. The company has a comprehensive portfolio of orthopedic, spine and biologic systems. Pioneer entered the orthobiologics market with two acquisitions in 2007. Our Orthopedic, Spine, and Biologics divisions produce state of the art, cost-effective solutions for surgical procedures that have proven difficult or problematic for both surgeons and patients. For more information on Pioneer and its products, visit www.pioneersurgical.com.


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