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Spotlight Artist of the Day – Thompson Square


Thompson Square’s Shawna Thompson Hails from a Small Town with an Identity Crisis

CLICK HERE to hear Thompson Square talk about the small towns where they grew up.

A lot of country stars claim to come from small towns, but Shawna Thompson of Thompson Square‘s small town has something of an identity crisis.  Her mailing address growing up was in Chatom, AL, near the Mississippi-Alabama border, but the area where her house was located was also referred to as the community of Layton Hill.  Shawna’s husband Keifer Thompson points out that folks in the town call that same area Deer Park and Fruitdale too. Things get even more complicated from there.

When Keifer asked Shawna what her address back in Alabama was, she told him, “Well, I don’t know what it is now. The same physical address changes, and it’s actually changed states. It’s changed from Alabama and Mississippi and back.” Shawna adds, “It makes no sense, but I can’t explain it.”

Shawna and Keifer are now based in Nashville, but they aren’t home very much.  Thompson Square has an opening slot on Lady Antebellum‘s Own the Night tour starting January 27 in Tulsa, OK.


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