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My iPhone is Broken… What do I do?


We all are adjusting to using smart phones, and if you are anything like me, you are finding that it is hard to live without your phone right by your side! You can check the time, look up directions, find a dinner recipe, and event track your workout routine. But, what do you do if you break your phone? Cracking the touch screen is basically like suicide for your touch screen. Thankfully, we have a great option for you with the Shopping Show at Great Lakes Radio. We have partnered with myphoneisbroken.com and can provide you with great service and accessories to your iPhone at a discounted price.

Myphoneisbroken.com is the place to go for all of your iPhone repairs. Click here for more details.

The Shopping Show is the place to go for all of your iPhone accessory needs. i-Phone Accessory Pack includes:

Great Items to Protect your Phone on the Shopping Show

-Clingo universal hands-free car mount securely holds any phone or mobile media device you own. It profides hands-free mounting of your phone for easy viewing and safe driving. Quick and easy installation on your dash or windshield. Does not leave any sticky residue on your device.

-Coby USB  car charger: a power up on-the-go with the space-saving USB car adapter. Compatible with all USB-powered devices including iPods, cell phones and PDAs, this power adapter with fold-away plug lets you charge up to 2 devices from a single socket.

-iPhone 4/4s Otterbox commuter series case:  sleek and tough and protects from scratches, bumps and shocks. Check out: myphoneisbroken.com Dylan also does repairs for most smart phones and tablets.


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