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Spotlight Artist of the Day – Jarrod Niemann


Jerrod Niemann Floored A Million Fans Downloaded His Hit “Lover, Lover”

CLICK HERE to hear Jarrod talk about how Lover Lover Changed his career

Jerrod Niemann recently scored his first platinum single with his #1 hit “Lover, Lover.” While thinking about the fact that a million fans have downloaded his song, Jerrod says, “To have a platinum single is mind-blowing because you do realize that you’re just the vehicle for the song, and that that many people, you know, have thought, ‘Man, I care about this enough to own it.'”

The success of “Lover, Lover” has changed Jerrod’s life and established him as a bona fide member of the country music genre. “Country music has changed my life ever since I could, I guess, speak or sing, And so, to affect it, you know, one way or another, is just truly a dream come true.”

Jerrod plays a show with his pal Lee Brice this Wednesday in Athens, OH.


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