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Spotlight Artist of the Day – Jake Owen


Jake Owen Shows Sexy Side with “Alone with You”

CLICK HERE to Listen to Jake Owen talk about His Latest Hit “Alone With You”

Jake Owen personally chose his latest single, “Alone with You,” to follow up his monster hit “Barefoot Blue Jean Night.” “I personally relate to that song,” Jake explains.  “I know that I’ve had instances in my life where I’ve had that person…they just grabbed a hold of my heartstrings and kind of toyed with my emotions from time to time.” Jake believes just about everyone has dealt with that kind of toxic love in their lives.  Going through that experience makes you wiser though. Says Jake, “You do that only in turn to learn and know what is right for you.” As for the sexy feel of the song, Jake says, “It’s a little departure from ‘Barefoot Blue Jean,’ but it’s definitely a side of me people need to see.” “Alone with You” is included on Jake’s latest album, also titled Barefoot Blue Jean Night.


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