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Spotlight Artist of the Day – Eli Young Band


Eli Young Band Toasts First #1 Hit, “Crazy Girl,” at Nashville Party

CLICK HERE to hear The Eli Young Band talk about Their First #1 Hit “Crazy Girl”

The Eli Young Band celebrated its first #1 hit, “Crazy Girl,” with a party in Nashville this week. The group has actually been together for about 12 years now, but they’re glad it took them this long to climb to the top of the country charts.  “It seems like a long time, but time’s kind of flown by,” lead singer Mike Elisays.  “The first five years we were in college, and so everything was kind of gradual, but this is a huge step towards something bigger.  So, it feels incredible.”

Mike’s band mate Jon Jones explains that having a #1 country single was a long shot until the band got the right record label and team behind them for “Crazy Girl.”  He says, “the first seven, six years of being a band, this was not even on our radar.  So, in some ways it feels like it happened really pretty quickly.”

Eli Young Band is following up “Crazy Girl” with its new single, “Even if It Breaks Your Heart.”  Both of those songs are included on the new album, Life at Best, in stores and online now.


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