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Meditation 3 Minutes a Day Improves Balance and Decreases Neck Ache


I wanted to share with everyone my favorite way to start the day so hopefully it could benefit someone else out there too! I love to start the day with the Sat Kriya Meditation. It’s an easy yet effective stretch that I practice 3 minutes a day with about 3 minutes of relaxation afterward. The time spent can be increased slowly over time up to 60 minutes a day, but 3 minutes works for me because it’s quick and I can’t commit to an hour or more because I know I would just never do it!

Sat Kriya has been a fundamental meditation in Kundalini Yoga practice for centuries, proven to improve your balance in all aspects: mentally, physically and also energetically. It also provides benefits for your digestive system and strengthens your sense of inner peace and mental clarity. This stretch stimulates the natural flow of energy by changing the direction that energy flows through the body. It causes energy from the base of your spine to move upwards and balances each energy center as it moves upwards.

This is how you do it:

Sat Kriya Meditation Position

Sit on your heels and stretch your arms overhead, turn your arms in so the inside of your elbows hug your ears. Interlock your fingers with index finger extended straight up. You should breath deeply and pull your navel inwards as you exhale. Start with 60 seconds if you want and build the time up to 3 minutes over the course of some practice!

Close Up of Hand Position for Sat Kriya

I love doing this stretch because I do honestly feel more balanced when I’m done. I feel more inner peace and calming which helps me throughout the day.


Plus, this is a little bonus, the Sat Kriya seems to lessens strain on the right side of my neck/shoulder where I often complain of a kink! (thanks to the job I love here at GLR answering so many phone calls and kinking my head over 😉 hehe that’s of course NOT the only reason!!!) I know that my body is right dominant which contributes to being off balance and contributes to that kink in my neck. Practicing the Sat Kriya helps balance both right and left sides of the body! If you’re tempted to try it, start with 60 seconds or so and let me know, I’d love to hear what you think about the Sat Kriya.


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