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The Doctors Redneck Roadtrip Recipes


Spring is in the Air, and Summers Coming…that means road trips with the family and expensive meals at restaurants that know you’re tired, hungry, and will eat damn near anything they put in front of you

Now, Imagine a fresh hot home-cooked style meal ready and waiting for you to serve your friends and family when you arrive at your destination? Simple food, good food, exotic dishes….they can all be yours with a little preparation, and you don’t need timers, special utensils, or a degree in culinary arts to make a great meal…

All you need is a little time, a pleasant road trip, and the engine in your car, truck, lawnmower, motorcycle or snowmobile.


Every week, The Doctor will pick a destination, some ingredients, and send you on the Redneck Roadtrip Recipes adventure as you travel the U.P. After all, with the price of gas so high, and rising every day, you should get the most out of your engine.

Redneck Roadtrip Recipes will take you on a tasty tour of the U.P., with stops along the way to check on the meals progress,  as it sits on your engine and cooks,  while you travel to great destinations across Yooperland.

When you arrive, just grab the sweet tea, dixie cups and paper plates, pop open the hood and serve up a hot fresh meal that will be the envy of any outdoor event or tailgate party. The ingredients will be as inexpensive as beans & weenies, to a slow roasted stuffed beef tenderloin or poached salmon…but the ideas can be used any way your imagination sees fit. All it takes is tinfoil, a hot engine and a place to go and eat it!

So now, there’s No Excuse!! Yeah gas prices are high, eating on the road is expensive, and you can never really be sure what’s in the food or how it prepared. Your Food, Your Car, Your Recipes and Your U.P.

It’s all waiting for you, and The Doctor will take you there every Thursday with his Redneck Roadtrip Recipes.

BTW: These recipes will only work with engine powered vehicles, so if you’re one of those Granola Munching , Tofu Slurping, 83rd Degree Vegan, Chevy Volt driving, Ed Begley Jr. wanna-be tree huggers, check back when you’re driving some American Steel










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