Marquette County Static Fireman Display 2014Harlow Park, Marquette, Michigan.

Another great turn out at this year’s static fire display – what a fun family event!  The kids loved exploring the ins and outs of some of the U.P.’s finest fire fighting equipment.  The fire crew were ready to explain what each tool or control did and how it helped them keep our families safe in the case of a fire.  The crowd favorite was the Sawyer International Airport Truck.

Prizes, Cake and a full parade down Washington street finished off this great event.  Thanks to all of our firefighters and their families for everything they do and for all of their sacrifices.

In attendance this year were trucks and Firefighter crews from:

The City of Marquette, Republic, Richmond, Champion, Sands Township, Negaunee, Forsyth, Ishpeming, West branch and Skandia, Chocolay, Sawyer international airport and also Whistlers towing and the Surrey fire safety house.

Enjoy these pictures, and if you missed this year’s event be sure to come out and thank the firefighters next year for keeping the U.P. and our families safe.

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