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The Band Perry Has My Vote Tonight For “Video Of The Year” with 2011 CMT Music Awards


Among the nominations up for “Video of the Year” at tonight’s 2011 CMT Music Awards, the video gets my vote The Band Perry’s hit, “If I Die Young”.

Just certified Double Platinum, “If I Die Young,” the band’s  first No. 1 hit,  competes not only  for “Video of the Year” but also contends for  2011 CMT Awards “Group Video of the Year” & “USA Weekend Breakthrough Video of the Year”.

Written by lead singer, Kimberly Perry, the song conveys in such a sweet tone the importance of living in the “here and now.”  The serene imagery of the music video made the song even more powerful for me.

The last time I felt this way was a few years ago when photographing with a friend near the Dead River Basin in Negaunee Township. We stumbled upon a tiny church and just inside the front door was a placard that read, “To Conquer Death You Only Have To Die”. At first this phrase really puzzled me and I wondered why it was posted there until I realized it was intended as a sign of peace or to transfer a feeling of contentment just as this song does. I distorted the image intentionally in a series of photographs to enforce hidden messages.

Placard from St. Anne's Church in Negaunee, Michigan enscripted, "To Conquer Death You Only Have To Die"
"To Conquer Death You Only Have To Die"


The “make-the-most-of-it” concept is something I believe our culture is very aware of and striving for but when watching this video I felt a sense of peacefulness that I hadn’t noticed when just listening to the song.

I’m not sure how many people actually live accordingly to the extent of having a will in place with details of satin and a bed of roses but the song reminds me of such thoughtfulness and encourages me. I really appreciate The Band Perry taking on this subject and beautifully depicting it as something lovely, light and alive. The fact that life could end today or years from now becomes something expressed as contentment instead of uncertainty. It’s not exactly a subject I love to dwell on but this song gives me a reason to think about it in a new light and that’s why The Band Perry is getting my VOTE tonight for the 2011 CMT Music Awards.

Remember the CMT Music Awards are completely up to us, the Country Music Fans, so CLICK HERE TO VOTE! There’s not much time so get voting!


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