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Jo Dee Messina Brings On A New Perspective On The Rain


Jo Dee Messina
Jo Dee Messina

Marquette, MI – I’m kind of bummed that today turned out to be gray instead of a sunny happy Tuesday in the U.P. I say that mostly because it seems harder to stay in a positive mood throughout the day when the sky is gray and gloomy. I notice a quieter office setting on days like today with less traffic in and out of the studios. Perhaps many of you felt like staying inside with a great book or felt held up by the rain, change of plans like being unable to get the outdoor work done. Either way, I’m keeping busy here at Great Lakes Radio and all I could think of to sum up the day’s feeling is Jo Dee Messina’s “Bring On The Rain” from her Greatest Hits album released in 2003.

I like Jo Dee Messina because many of her songs focus on the reality that’s currently at hand like her lead single, “Heads Carolina, Tails California”. It’s a powerful tune about letting things happen in the here & now. She gracefully allows the future to unravel in a way that’s not preconceived but accepted as it is based on something so trivial like flipping a coin. Another good example is her song, “I’m Alright” which she wrote in honor of giving herself a second chance after losing a significant amount of money in a bad business deal. That’s resilience and I like that she chooses to write about it.

In the song I was thinking of today, “Bring On The Rain”, she reminds me of the gift that tomorrow is another day & even though the rain can be dismal, bring it on, there’s no reason to let it get you down.

I like reminders like that, of little things we should just let be, like the rain. Maybe today there were plants or flowers that needed the rain to grow. I appreciated the new perspective gained from Jo Dee Messina’s song & wanted to pass it on to you so maybe it will be slightly easier to enjoy this gray Tuesday afternoon. Thanks for listening!


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