Riding the Trails for the Cause During the 13th Annual Sally’s Ride Weekend

RiLee and Lauren at Sally's Ride 2015

So many people came out to support UPAWS on the 13th Annunal Sally's Ride Weekend
Some of riders who came out to support UPAWS during the 13th Annual Sally’s Ride Weekend (Dark brown horse on the left is a rescue aided by Sally’s Fund)

Marquette, MI  –  September 26, 2015  – Last Saturday I made my way out to the Marquette County Fairgrounds to have some weekend horsey fun. Over the weekend a large group of equestrians from across the U.P. gathered at the fairgrounds for equine clinics, a horse show, a trail ride/scavenger hunt and more. Sitting in the saddle waiting for the trail riding to behind, I was shocked to see well over 40 horses and riders had saddled up. Around 2:00 PM, just as the trail ride and scavenger hunt was about to start, a man reminded us why we had all come together.

Horses of all shapes, sizes and colors!
Some of the riders and their horses who made it out on the trails for Sally’s Ride 2015

Though this weekend was about having fun, it was also about our local animal shelter and a woman named Sally. Throughout Sally’s life, she devoted her resources to UPAWS and specifically the horses taken in by this non-profit. With Sally’s tragic death 13 years ago, the Sally’s Fund emerged. Sally’s Fund and the annual Sally’s Ride Weekend were created to remember the amazing work Sally did, and continue to ensure a safe place for abused and neglected horses. The money gathered from this weekend went into the fund to fight equine cruelty cases.

After the speech about Sally was given, we found out there were actually four or five horses at the fairgrounds that Saturday, who were helped by the Sally’s Fund! It was a fantastic reminder that animals are actually getting helped by the money every single one of us had donated.

Between Sally’s passion for horses and her position against animal cruelty, Sally’s memory has brought people together for 13 years in a row.

If you’re interested in giving to the Sally’s Fund or supporting UPAWS directly, please check out their website. UPAWS also has a full list of items needed to support the animals they care for.

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