Tigers Inconsistencies Hindering Playoff Hopes

The Detroit Tigers entered the month of September with a chance to take control of their destiny not only in the Wild Card race, but in the race for the American League Central division as well.  At the All-Star break, the Tigers were a mere 3 games above .500 with a record of 46-43.  Due to strong starting pitching as well as a surge on the offensive side, the Tigers entered the month of September 11 games over .500 and just 4.5 games out of first place in the AL Central.

September has been a roller coaster for the Detroit Tigers.

The starting pitching has plummeted and the bats have cooled off significantly.  As of today, after a bad loss to the Minnesota Twins in a series that ended in a 2-2 split, the Tigers find themselves trailing by 6 games in the AL Central as well as 1.5 games out of the second Wild Card spot. The Tigers are 7-6 in the month of September against the weakest schedule in the MLB and cannot seem to find any consistency.  One day the bats show up, the next day they are left in the clubhouse.  One day the Tigers’ pitching staff looks untouchable, the next day the ball can’t miss the opposing hitters’ bats.

The Tigers are by no means out of this playoff race, but they need to start finding consistency soon.  Baseball in the majors is all about streaks.  If you can put 6-7 wins in a row together, you probably make the playoffs.  If you go .500, you’re at home in October.  The end of the season is rapidly approaching, and it’s time the Tigers find a sense of urgency.

Courtesy of: Patrick Smith/Getty Images
Courtesy of: Patrick Smith/Getty Images